Marie Kondo to Publish a Children’s Book!

From Book Riot:

Marie Kondo fans: check it out. Kondo will be publishing a picture book this fall called Kiki and Jax, to be illustrated by Geisel Honor­–winning author/illustrator Salina Yoon.

The book, which will have a 250,000 first print run, will hit shelves November 5. Kiki and Jax is inspired by the KonMari method, as it follows two best friends — Kiki, a collector, and Jax, a sorter — as they work through what it means when their friendship has to navigate things. When those things begin to get in the way, they learn the power of how their friendship works: the spark of joy.

Kondo said, “I’m pleased to share this timeless story about friendship, and I hope that the characters of Kiki and Jax inspire children and families to tidy and embrace joy!”

Link to the rest at Book Riot

PG has been “tidying” his office over the past few days. He hasn’t found any joy to embrace yet.

One question for visitors to TPV, what’s the difference between cleaning and tidying?

Another question, this time involving gender – Do men tidy? Or do they clean? Or do they haul trash? In big noisy trucks?

Is tidying the new cleaning? Or, as Marie suggests, is it more transformative than cleaning?

Can PG properly tidy while wearing sweat pants? Before he takes a shower?

PG would love to be able to back a trash truck up to the door of his office.

6 thoughts on “Marie Kondo to Publish a Children’s Book!”

  1. I consider tidying to be removing (or hiding) clutter. Cleaning is putting clutter where it belongs and using cleaning implements, fluids, and cloths on a room.

    I shall be cleaning my office this weekend. But I tidied up the living room last week when people were coming over.

  2. Tidying is something you bother to do until something else calls/gets your attention, a self-inflicted make-work project.

    Cleaning is something you think you have to accomplish before you can do other things you’d prefer to be doing.

    While backing a trash truck up to the door sounds like fun trying to ‘not’ throw out what you shouldn’t can be hard.

    I start with three small empty trash cans (one for actual trash, one for recycle, and around here a third for non-glossy paper/cardboard that we can toss into the organic bin) and a clear space for ‘keep’ stuff. Pick a corner/table/wall/cabinet and pick up something. It goes in one of the bins or in the keep area to be properly placed where it needs to be later. Next piece. A can gets full? Go empty it, you need to stretch your legs anyway. Once back decide to keep going or give it a rest. If it’s rest time dump the other cans and get the ‘keep’ stuff where it belongs. Repeat as needed until you look around and can’t see enough mess/clutter to be bothered with.

    MYMV and you only need to give things a lick and a promise. 😉

  3. Cleaning is putting everything in its permanent place without any temporary ‘holding’ spots. It involves washing walls, cleaning wood and vacuuming up the dust bunnies. Tidying is burying the bodies and hoping nobody opens the wrong door.

    • There is a curious emptiness to the freshly cleaned and tidied office. It’s as if a nurturing spirit has left the building.

      But oh, the polished desk, clear surfaces, dust free bookshelves, pristine screens . . . The workroom doth reek of organization and productivity.

      This effect lasts for at least two days. Until paper builds a new uneven pile, a ghostly smudge appears on your screen, a pen or pencil breaks free from the cup, and a mug of coffee shows up, forms a witch’s ring on the desk, and assumes pride of place.

      Ah . . . home again.

  4. Thanks for all the cleaning/tidying clarifications.

    I guess I both tidy and clean, but not to excess.

    In my defense, I help tidy and clean most of the house. It’s my office where I’m too busy thinking great thoughts to tidy or clean until Mrs. PG prods me several times.

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