Mind the Gap

PG apologizes for the break in posting yesterday without explanation.

Mrs. PG was preparing for a surgical procedure on her spine this morning and PG was preoccupied with providing assistance to her to complete various preparatory tasks.

She underwent surgery early this morning and the surgeon told PG that everything went very well and according to plan. She will be spending tonight in the hospital and, if everything continues to progress as intended, will be coming back to Casa PG tomorrow.

As might be expected of an anxious husband, PG was a bit preoccupied yesterday and early this morning. He apologizes for the unworn gap in posting.

8 thoughts on “Mind the Gap”

  1. PG, never apologize for putting health and family first. I hope Mrs. PG recovers quickly and easily. Hope your own recovery from the Night of the Cannibal Escalators is proceeding well.

  2. Apologies not needed, just do whatever it takes.
    We can wait and amuse ourselves watching the world series play out or the world beyond unravel.
    Or any of a range of options in between.
    Know that prayers are headed your way.

  3. I feel like piling on: Best wishes to Mrs. PG on a speedy and complete recovery. I am reminded by my wife’s recent experience that those of us who aren’t so challenged by youth take longer to heal than we recall. Same is true of escalator attacks.
    As Felix.Torres said, no apologies needed.
    Be well and post when you need to fill your days, rather than the opposite. And thanks!

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