Newspaper circulation at 77-year low

From The Washington Examiner:

Circulation of daily newspapers has dropped to a 77-year low, signaling an end to print and a shift to all-digital delivery, according to a new industry review.

The Pew Research Center said that circulation has reached a new low of 34.6 million, six million less than papers sold in 1940.

. . . .

The estimated total U.S. daily newspaper circulation (print and digital combined) in 2016 was 35 million for weekday and 38 million for Sunday, both of which fell 8% over the previous year. Declines were highest in print circulation: Weekday print circulation decreased 10% and Sunday circulation decreased 9%.

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But readers will always prefer their books on paper.

12 thoughts on “Newspaper circulation at 77-year low”

  1. Our local newspaper, The Sun in Hummelstown, Pa., has seen circulation growth over the past couple of years. They’ve expanded their circulation area to include another small town, and have hired a number of former writers shedby the big city newspaper.

    Plus, the editorials are written in English and worth reading.

    This is what happens when a newspaper focuses on local news and doesn’t give away all its content online.

    • Local papers will hold on for quite some time. Hard to get local news online. Dunno why. My county is that way, big time. I know something big happened, try to google it, nothing.

  2. “Yesterday’s news today!” I still have a craving for a good newspaper, but so much of what they print is stuff I read online a day ago.

    • Yeah, when I lived in a city that was definitely the case. But now that I’m in a smaller area you really can’t know what’s going on in your town by going online.

      Or maybe I’ve just not found the right website. I dunno.

      • @ Jo

        LOL. As a small town boy from Indiana, I can tell you that there are no secrets in a small town. Everybody knows everbody else’s bizness. The “gossip net” in such places is alive and well, and predated the Internet by generations.

        I think your problem is that you’re not yet hooked into the local GN. Give it time and you will be, both as a consumer of local news and the subject of it! 🙂

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