2 thoughts on “No amount of experimentation”

    • Einstein believed in neither.
      Real scientists follow his view, politicians don’t.
      I know who I trust.

      Right now thousands of real scientists are actively searching the cosmos and the quantum realms, looking for new physics. Everybody remembers the 19th century’s encyclopedists and nobody wants to be remembered that way. (Even Lysenko has been rehabilitated with new data. He wasn’t completely wrong.)

      Just this week:


      “Observations suggest that the intergalactic gas in our universe is a little hotter than it should be.

      Recently, a team of astrophysicists have used sophisticated computer simulations to propose a radical solution: an exotic form of dark matter known as “dark photons” could be heating the place up.

      These strange particles would be the carriers of a new, fifth force of nature that normal matter does not experience, but occasionally these dark photons can flip their identities to become regular photons, providing a source of heat.”

      They’re probably wrong but there’s no telling where the data will take us all.

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