Problems with TPV Comments/Comment Editing

PG saw a comment by a regular TPV visitor saying he had been having problems editing his comments.

PG uses (and has used for a long time) a WordPress plugin called Simple Comment Editing. Perhaps he’s missed reports of prior problems editing comments, but this is the first one he can recall.

  1. If anyone is having problems leaving comments or editing their comments, please share those problems in the comments to this post or, if you’re having problems with posting comments, send an email to PG through the Contact PG link in the top menu of the home page of TPV.
  2. If anybody has ideas about what may be causing problems for some visitors leaving comments, PG would appreciate them sharing that information, either in the comments to this post or the Contact PG link at the top of the page.

As PG has said on multiple prior occasions, he thinks the comments are the best part of TPV and he wants to hear from any and everyone who wants to share thoughts here.

9 thoughts on “Problems with TPV Comments/Comment Editing”

  1. I used to have lots of problems with editing and comments disappearing after editing. However, that stopped about six months ago, and there have been no problems since.

  2. Hey PG –

    I mentioned this in that other thread with the issue with editing, and I realized I almost inadvertently deleted by own post. It made me wonder if that’s what happened to the other commenter.

    It’s possible, anyway – and that is, when you go to edit, the tool you’re using (I guess?) puts the “Delete” button on the bottom right, where, pretty much everything else on the Internet puts “Save”. Whereas, Save is off on the bottom left.

    I wonder if that commenter had a similar experience.

    • Not the delete button I’m afraid. I edited a comment, pressed save and got a banner across the screen saying that I could not edit the comment, which was true enough as the edit was ignored. I assumed that the comment had been accepted but when I refreshed the tab my comment had simply vanished. Of course, vanishing can happen if one forgets to fill in a name and email address as one ends up in moderation. I was surprised enough to repeat the process – first making sure I had added my name and email -and this time made a different edit, only to get the same result complete with the “cannot edit” message and the eventual disappearance of my comment.

      I then tried the process without making an edit and everything went through okay. It’s unfortunate that – even though I prepare long comments in Word and try to get them right before posting – I normally notice at least one final typo in need of correction at the last minute (in this comment it was a misplaced quotes closure). Fortunately, everything is working correctly today – at least in PV. I spilt a cup of coffee over my desk earlier today and the scroll wheel on my mouse has stopped working (I hope temporarily). I never realised how much I used it until trying to do without!

  3. I create the comment in TextEdit, then copy and paste into the comment field. That way I have the comment in a file that I can save.

    I try not to edit the comment once I post it. The edits don’t always show up once the timer counts down.

  4. 1. No problems on Mac Firefox 77.0.1 (he says, hopefully)… √√√
    2. Now adding a Click to Edit… √√√

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