Tell McGraw-Hill to Stop Charging Freelancers for Processing Invoices

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From The Authors Guild:

We are sharing with you a letter to McGraw-Hill’s CEO Simon Allen and General Counsel David Stafford to demand that the company immediately end its practice of charging freelance contractors a 2.2% fee for processing their invoices. McGraw-Hill claims that this so-called “Small Supplier Fee” is being applied to support the company’s compliance costs, including to minimize the company’s risks of misclassifying independent contractors. Imposing a 2.2% fee for processing invoices—a normal cost of doing business—is tantamount to wage theft. What’s more, McGraw-Hill unilaterally imposed this fee during a pandemic, when freelance creators are losing work opportunities and unable to access the full scope of unemployment benefits due to their independent contractor status. McGraw-Hill’s attempt to pass its operating costs off to hard-working, struggling freelance creators is shocking and unfair.

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Tacky, tacky, tacky.

PG suggests freelancers get together and suggest to one another to increase their fees to McGraw-Hill by 5%, with a little less than half to cover McGraw-Hill’s new fee and a new 2.8% McGraw-Hill invoice preparation and compliance fee.

3 thoughts on “Tell McGraw-Hill to Stop Charging Freelancers for Processing Invoices”

  1. You’re suggesting that common workers join forces–almost creating a sort of union–to better negotiate with management? Why, I dare say (gasping and clutching my pearls) that sounds a lot like socialism.

  2. How is price determined for these contracts? Are they bid out? Single source? Fixed price? Unit price? Reimbursable at fix rates?

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