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  1. Strangely, this seemed a good place to continue an earlier thread that is closed. More “cognitive science”.

    We were talking about Sapir-Whorf.

    If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought

    I stumbled on this article.

    “What colour do you see?”

    “New research is uncovering the hidden differences in how people experience the world. The consequences are unsettling”

    I’ve had a flood of links lately that basically rip me to pieces. There are so many Image/Seeds from the articles that I am overwhelmed.

    • I wouldn’t use the word corrupt for the reason it has an emotion attached to it. Instead I would say that language provides a framework that has limits that arise from its structure.

      Yes, I know this is bland and academic way of stating the issue, as all our perceptions are constrained by the limitations of structure that arose out of evolutionary processes.

      But, definitions are tools, and sharper tools are better than blunt tools, because they work to produce a better result (this is a metaphor).

      For example, free-will. As it currently stands the definition of free-will is so unbound that it is made useless such that it has no meaning. If one defines free-will as the ability to choose within a range of actions permitted by the laws of physics, then the term free-will actually means something that can be measured and judged.

      Of course I could be talking bollocks.

      • Nope. You are quite right.
        Free will ain’t free.

        And it isn’t just physics that constrains it. Biology has its say. Perception has its say. And environment has its say. On the last two, I’ll just mention advertising and the “big lie”.
        We could spend weeks discussing how “free will” can be shackled.

        It’s actually a belatedly hot topic in the media these days.

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