TPV Email Problem on Macs

PG just received the following email from a long-time TPV participant:

For some months now, I’ve had a weird problem with my Passive Voice subscription. Most (not quite all) of the emails are truncated in Apple Mail, a fraction of the way down the email. Fairly obvious when I see six item headings but only the first one or two corresponding posts. Truncation often seems to happen after (if not precisely at) a link, or before an illustration. Usually within a post, not between them.

Of course I can look at the website and see the complete set of posts. What’s really odd, though, if I either “Forward” or “Select All & Copy” the contents of the email, I get the entire thing, the whole set of posts including the otherwise invisible portion.

I don’t know if this is general among Macintosh users, but I’d be curious to know; and if it is specific to my current software versions.

MacOS 10.15.7
Apple Mail 13.4

PG is not a Mac guy, but would very much appreciate knowing if anybody else is having problems with the TPV emails that go out each day with the day’s posts included.

Feel free to reply with issues/solutions in the comments.

3 thoughts on “TPV Email Problem on Macs”

  1. I’m on Mac (old: 10.9.5) but never use Apple Mail. Use Gmail instead. Do not recall seeing truncating of the daily digest email of topics.

    Hey PG, when you gonna cover the Shatzkin post of 06/21/2021? Did I miss it?

    • Three cheers for the Bird!

      I have been using it since forever. Every time I check out a new email program, it’s never as fast and easy as the Bird.

      Of course, I’m running a half-dozen different email addresses (some used much more than others) and about a hundred filters that are smarter than I am at separating the wheat from the chaff, so switching everything to another email platform would mean an hour or two extra going through email every day.

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