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      • I lost many hours wandering helplessly through the underground world of Zork. Back when games were hardmode and you were lucky to get hints or walkthroughs by mail-ordering them from the backs of magazines.

        Ah the pre-internet days. 😀

    • More tuned in than me – I thought it was a writing prompt. (Would probably make a good one, come to think of it.)

      I played D&D in school – but almost clobbered my DM roommate when he started in with the “twisty little passages”…

  1. XYZZY.

    Back in circa 1977, I (and my coworkers) were dialed in to a DEC-10 or DEC-20 somewhere and up popped a message from a fellow player at another company, timesharing on the same machine, who saw that we had a session open on the same executable code.

    He asked “Do you know how to open the egg?” (the very last puzzle you have to solve). And of course, we told him.

    This circulated online for quite a while before it was released as a commercial property. My colleagues and I were all over the source code, to see how it was coded and to look for clues. The data was hidden, but the code was accessible (weak security / session fences on DECs at the time).


    Do you know it’s based (loosely) on a real place? (Mammoth Cave).

    Ah, the memories… 🙂

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