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12 books that CEOs think you should read in 2019

11 January 2019

From Fast Company:

If you’re a founder or aspiring entrepreneur, perhaps you’re looking to round out your reading list for 2019 with a few inspiring business reads. We asked entrepreneurs to offer their book recommendations for the new year, including both recent releases and older favorites.

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Everyone has a journey on the road to success, paved with triumphs and disappointments that are often invisible to the outside world. It’s a gift to read Mrs. Obama’s authentic and candid story that reflects the experience of so many of us. –Lisa Skeete Tatum, CEO of career management startup Landit

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Daniel Kahneman, the author, is a nobel laureate and psychologist who has dedicated most of his career to understanding the mechanisms for decision-making. This book is an exploration of the two “systems” we use to form judgements: System 1, which is more or less impulse and strongly swayed by emotion, and System 2, which is how we solve long division problems–our slower and more analytical thought processes. What’s fascinating is how often we fall into “cognitive illusions” or “cognitive bias” because of our dependencies on System 1. We are all trying to make better decisions more quickly, and this book gives really actionable advice on how to do this while explaining why we are the way we are. –Nicole Centeno, CEO of food startup Splendid Spoon

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I get recommendations for business books all the time that are incredibly interesting, but I sometimes find that the books that actually impact my business are ones that have nothing to do with commerce. I’m a big fan of Brené Brown and her work on vulnerability and empathy. Her book Daring Greatly is a fantastic work that has helped inform how Maiden Home interacts with the ecosystem we’re building between our craftsmen partners in North Carolina, the Maiden Home team in New York, and our customers all over the U.S. –Nidhi Kapur, CEO of furniture startup Maiden Home

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5 Comments to “12 books that CEOs think you should read in 2019”

  1. Why would I read a book by a person whose entire claim to fame is she’s married to someone famous? How the heck would that help me be successful?

    • They don’t care if ‘you’ are successful – they just want you wasting your money making them rich(er).

      For some reason reading this reminded me of ‘Heartbreak Ridge’ and the gunny saying all the things that could be done to him ending in: “- just don’t bore me to death.”

      MYMV and you not be bored – to death or otherwise.

      • Now, be nice, you two. Madame Obama made quite a bit of money independently of her hubby.

        Of course, how she made it is something that you really, really don’t want to emulate, unless you are very well tied into your local corrupt city politics.

        • And you tell us to be nice … 😛

          I was referring to the whole mess not just her (want to hear a really good joke? Her ‘name’ didn’t even register until you commented! 😉 )

          MYMV and you never end up on one of these lists.

  2. In 2019 I’m trying to avoid all advice that tells me I “should” do something.

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