5 thoughts on “Change is inevitable”

  1. Speaking of inevitable change:


    Way too much to even guess where this is taking us but one place it isn’t is back.
    I’m not interested in the enterprise side, but I definitely want to see what Copilot brings to WORD.

    Also, Microsoft just became “IBM”. Their biggest cash cow are their datcenters running proprietary software on proprietary hardware to better fun *their* version of LLM. All that is missing is their own chip foundry.

    Chaos is coming…
    …not just winter.

      • The OP implies that change means “intentional,” or perhaps merely “conscious,” and I should have been clearer that that’s what I objected to.

        • The OP ignores the law of unintended consequences. In all change there is an element of chaos. Anybody who thinks change can be controlled is at best fooling themselves. Change can be triggered and it can be survived. Or not.

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