Describe Vladimir Putin in the Style of Dr. Seuss

Vladimir Putin is a man with a face so stern
He rules Russia with a power that burns
With a scowl on his brow and a cold, steely gaze
He keeps his country in line in a variety of ways

With his tough talk and his strong, decisive moves
He’s not one to back down or to play by the rules
He’s a leader with a mission and a vision in mind
And he’ll stop at nothing to achieve his design

Some call him a tyrant, while others see a hero
But one thing is certain, he’s a force to be reckoned with, oh zero
Love him or hate him, there’s no denying his power
Vladimir Putin is a leader to watch in the coming hour.

6 thoughts on “Describe Vladimir Putin in the Style of Dr. Seuss”

    • Agreed, D.

      However, we’re just at the beginning of artificial intelligence, but I still think the human mind and judgement will still produce better writing. That said, Ai may well have a future in the world of word mills and, I think, it might be helpful for some authors as a tool to help with first drafts.

      • I”m not so sure that we are “just at the beginning of artificial intelligence.” What we are seeing is not artificial intelligence in the HAL-9000 or positronic robot sense. It is a new and improved way of churning through data. The history of “artificial intelligence” research is filled with new techniques that produce initially impressive results which are met with cries that we are nearly there. Then the technique plateaus and what we actually have is a technique with interesting but narrow applications. I suspect that this will be more of the same. Right now an AI can write an acceptable paragraph reporting the results of a high school football game, and it can emulate a mediocre undergrad paper that is padded to meet the page count. I expect they will get getter, but I have my doubts about how much better.

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