7 thoughts on “England and America”

  1. “There is but one true sport and it’s name is baseball.” 😉

    No clock. Extra innings. ‘Nuff said.

      • Sounds like they are doing the same thing as the NFL.

        Not really sure why they bother. In world-wide terms they are just small minority sports, not only do they not not remotely compete with the top two (Soccer and Cricket) but they are dwarfed by number three, namely (non ice) hockey, to say nothing of those a bit lower down the rankings. A few games in London won’t change this.

        And no, it won’t hurt. What does hurt is England’s batting performance in their first innings against the Kiwis. Fortunately things improved thereafter.

        • They’re looking to expand the pool of top players available so they can expand the league without diluting the level of play. The games are a long term recruiting ploy.

          As for the total number of players, there are tons of leagues (pro, semipro, and amateur) and players all around the caribbean, from Mexico to Venezuela, plus Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Australia. There’s a lot more players than meets the eye. Those big *guaranteed* multiyear contracts are awfully attractive. When MLB minimum salaries start north of US$600K and careers average 5.6 years MLB is a nice way to make a living. If you’re skilled enough.

          Where they really should be going is Poland and thereabouts. That way they can surround the soccer-phile territories and slowly close the noose. 😉

    • Ashley, I liked your comment. Not only did it manage to sound like a quote from an old movie (maybe something like The Lady Vanishes) but to be literally true.

      Mind you, I expect apposite comments from someone whose blog list includes Sabine Hossenfelder, Peter Woit, KRR and Tough SF.

      • Thank you Mike. Kind of you to say so. Helps that I’m British in that the whole stiff upper lip thing was ingrained in my culture when I born.

        Me, I’m more of an aspiring American wannabe.

        Now, if only I more readers…

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