5 thoughts on “Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious”

  1. Tell that to the russians. Or the chinese. Or the palestinians. Or any gangbanger anywhere.
    See what it gets you.

      • Are they, PG?
        History says otherwise. Every civilization so far has been brought down by the barbarians. Sometimes its the barbarians inside the gates, many well-dressed and clad in ideology, and we have enough inside to do the job. Useful idiots count.
        How often do you hear “From the river to the sea?”.
        How many do the bidding of China? Of Russia, blocking arms for Ukraine? Of the drug cartels? One senator in court over selling out to egypt for a few gold coins (literally). It wasn’t that long ago that a VP bragged openly of removing a foreign prosecutor going after oligarchs paying his family.
        Corruption counts, PG.
        And so do those that carry water for the enemy of civilization.
        And what of those that seek to do away with the first, second, tenth, and fourteenhth amendments? What remains after gutting them?

        They’re winning.
        A nation of dueling tribes cannot long endure.

        • Oh, and have you noticed the shortfalls in applicants to the academies and the military? The military, despite lowering standards, is coming up 25% short in applications and the police is facing shortfalls in 86% of the police departments.


          Some small cities are losing the entire department enmasse.

          Again, can a nation long endure if nobody is willing to fight for it?

          Barbarians are in government at all levels, tribalizing, destabilizing, promoting destructive policies (modern monetary policy? Look at China’s slow motion fiscal implosion from their tide of monopoly money), and brain dead ideas (give palestinians a state inside the US? What, Michigan isn’t enough? They want Florida?). Just last week, a political darling screamed that RICO is not a crime (Half true;it’s a dozen different crimes.) because the gerontocracy must be protected to keep the gravy train rolling. Still hoping for the $4T budget, I guess.

          The barbarians are everywhere not just at the gates.
          “Cosmic perspective”? Not on this planet.

          Yeah, I woke up cranky today. 😉

          (Gotta go. Some kids on my lawn, playing golf.)

        • The thing is, though, that eventually the barbarians go down too. And go down more often than the civilizations they attack.

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