12 thoughts on “Impromptu Acrobatics”

  1. Please be careful in the future. Falls are a major danger as we age. As I write this, I’ve been laid up for 3 weeks for a minor slip on a doorstep that broke my shoulder (top of humerus).

  2. I will reiterate Linda’s warning; falls are more dangerous as we age because breaking bones have serious consequences due to the increased time it can take for them to mend. At 18 bones mend in about 6 weeks, over 60 the time can be as long as two years (for example, the elderly in their 80s).

  3. The thing to beware of is that the sense of balance degrades over tie. Very slowly but very steadily. It starts at a young enough age most people don’t notice until they start to fall.

    The vestibular system, number five on the following list, is the most common. Nobody escapes.


    A while back I had a very scary bout of vertigo that turned out to be driven, by all things, vitamin D deficiency. I was: ????
    But after a couple weeks of massive doses of D my balance recovered. Long term prescription was OTC vitamin supplements.
    It hit out of nowhere and fortunately went right back there.
    An early warning of things to come I suspect.

    Turns out OTC vitamin supplements really are necessary.

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