2 thoughts on “People don’t want to buy”

  1. A quarter-inch drill does not drill quarter-inch holes. At least not necessarily: It holds any bit with a quarter-inch shank, from 3/64″ (the smallest consumer-grade bits available at consumer-grade stores at consumer-grade prices) to a 2″ spade bit.

    This is the danger of soundbites: If you don’t know the context, you’re at risk of getting it wrong.

  2. A more general statement is “people don’t buy technology, they buy solutions.”

    As a market explains :


    “The statement holds true because customers are not concerned about the intricate technical details of a product; rather, they are interested in the benefits it can provide and how it can address their specific problems. The technology itself is secondary to the advantages it brings. For example, when a customer purchases a smartphone, they are not buying the technology itself, but rather the benefits it offers, such as internet access, a camera, and the ability to run applications.”

    (more at the source).

    Similarly they don’t care how hard/long/carefully you worked, only if the output meets their standards. How often don’t we see book marketing books marketed solely around “so and so spent ten years crafting it to perfection!” as if that alone guaranteed a good read or justified the price.

    Sorry, literati, that’s not how the world works. Process doesn’t sell, only results.

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