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Provide a detailed character sketch of Rodion Raskolnikov updated for 2023

From GPT4:

Updating the character of Rodion Raskolnikov from Fyodor Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” for a 2023 context involves reimagining his background, motivations, and conflicts to resonate with contemporary themes and issues. Here’s a detailed character sketch for a modern-day Raskolnikov:

Name: Rodion “Rodya” Raskolnikov


  • Age: Late 20s.
  • Education: A brilliant former student of psychology, who dropped out of a prestigious university due to financial constraints and disillusionment with the academic system.
  • Family: Comes from a lower-middle-class family. His mother is a school teacher, and he has a younger sister who is struggling to find her footing in a competitive job market.
  • Location: Lives in a modest apartment in a large, culturally diverse city.

Personality Traits

  • Intellectually Gifted: Possesses a sharp intellect and often engages in philosophical musings about society and morality.
  • Isolated: Tends to isolate himself from others, preferring his own company and thoughts.
  • Altruistic Yet Egotistical: Displays moments of genuine compassion, especially towards his family, but is also deeply egocentric, believing himself to be morally and intellectually superior.
  • Anxious and Paranoid: Exhibits signs of anxiety and paranoia, particularly after committing his crime.

Modern Adaptation

  • Occupation: Works part-time in a mundane job, possibly in data entry or as a delivery driver, which he finds unfulfilling. In his spare time, he writes blogs and essays on social and ethical issues.
  • Financial Struggles: His financial difficulties are a significant source of stress, driving him to question the social structures and disparities in wealth and power.
  • Crime: Raskolnikov’s crime in 2023 could involve hacking into a corrupt corporation’s system or committing a cybercrime against a morally dubious business tycoon, believing his actions are justified to expose or dismantle corrupt power structures.
  • Mental Health: Struggles with his mental health, experiencing guilt and internal conflict post-crime, which leads him into a psychological downward spiral.


  • Family: Feels a deep sense of responsibility and guilt over his inability to financially support his mother and sister.
  • Friends: Has few close friends but maintains some online connections with individuals who share his ideological views.
  • Romantic Interest: Could have a complicated relationship with a character akin to Sonya, who in this adaptation might be a social worker or counselor, representing empathy and moral clarity.


  • Internal: Grapples with guilt, moral justification of his actions, and a sense of isolation from society.
  • External: Faces the consequences of his crime in the digital age, dealing with law enforcement and the societal fallout of his actions.


  • Journey: Raskolnikov’s journey involves confronting the reality of his actions, grappling with the moral and ethical implications, and ultimately seeking redemption.
  • Resolution: His resolution could involve turning himself in and accepting the legal consequences of his actions, symbolizing his acceptance of societal laws and moral boundaries.

In this 2023 adaptation, Raskolnikov is a complex character who embodies the struggles of modern society, including financial instability, the ethical dilemmas posed by technology, and the quest for moral grounding in an increasingly complex world. His story reflects contemporary issues of social justice, mental health, and the search for meaning in a digital age.

End of GPT4

As he reviewed the AI’s response, PG had to admit that his detailed recollection of Raskolnikov’s character traits had faded into the mists of time.

He’ll need to rely on the colorfast recollections of visitors to TPV to assess how GPT4 did with this challenge. He understands several movies based on the novel have been released, but hasn’t seen any of those either, so his mind is tabula rasa on the plot.

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  1. Whether these suggestions might make for an acceptable “contemporary movie inspired by” is beside the point (although perhaps — just perhaps — the scripts for Mr. Robot got mislabelled and used as “training material” in a rather peculiar sideways-influence sort of thing).

    The update… how to put this in family-friendly terms… misses enough points from Dostoevsky’s novel to form a bed of nails. This Enhanced Eliza output isn’t really an awful lot worse than most adaptations into another language from a century and a half’s worth of hindsight (not to mention Cliff’s Notes). That, however, is faint praise indeed.

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