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Rose Noir

18 February 2019

PG took part of the afternoon off and did some photography.

Fortunately, he remembered Valentine’s Day and made arrangements for Mrs. PG to receive some roses.

The roses were a subject for PG’s photography and post-processing activities.

He’s inserted two of his photos below. The first one received some minor tweaks and the second one is called Rose Noir.

For some reason known only to WordPress, embedding the photos in TPV played havoc with their colors. Click on each one to (hopefully) see the photos as PG intended them to look. The second photo is called Rose Noir.



9 Comments to “Rose Noir”

  1. I can’t even say how much I love Rose Noir. DEFINITELY worth clicking to see the real colors. Just stunning.

  2. Very nice, PG. 🙂

    Just out of question, what software do you use for post-processing?

    • Mostly Photoshop with some Topaz plugins, and Photomatix for HDR work, Miguelito.

      Occasionally, I’ll use Affinity, Photolemur or Luminar, but those are mostly for more exotic effects I only need on occasion.

  3. Absolutely take a look at the originals – fantastic!

    The embedded ones, it looks very much to me as though the background of the page is bleeding through?

  4. Nicely done pics. I rather like the bronze color of the WordPress second rose. I bought a rose bush for my mom which had roses that developed a bronze color when it became fully open. Not quite that bronze but lovely.

  5. An artist masquerading as an IP lawyer . . . now how does THAT happen?

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