Sore Back

PG did what for him was a lot of physical labor today and his back started whispering that it needed to become prone.

Of course, PG ignored those whispers and continued to labor as if he were still many decades younger. Age is all about how old you feel inside after all.

PG’S back decided it was time to play be no more Mr. Nice Guy when it came to its wants and needs. Shortly thereafter, PG laid himself down.

After the passage of a reasonable period of prone time by any measure, PG got vertical to face his computer screen. His back demurred about what was a reasonable length of prone time consisted of and immediately started complaining at a much higher volume.

PG says, “Listen to your back! It may not be smart and stylish compared to your muse, but it knows how to express its wants and needs and will not be ignored!”

4 thoughts on “Sore Back”

  1. I think my back was whispering to PG’s back overnight — yesterday, mine said “You’re a vet, remember?” and strongly suggested partaking of Certain Prescribed Substances. For no apparent reason — my back is even crankier than my typing fingers.

  2. I feel your pain. I finally got semi-smart and picked up a simple Velcro back brace for when I do such things. I even remember to put it on, which I find remarkable, given my penchant to think of my body as still being 40 years old. Ha!

    If I recall, the brace cost the grand sum of 35 bucks some years ago. It has paid for itself many times over. I keep it in a dresser drawer, easily accessible, for obvious reasons.

  3. Try lightweight tablet or phone, with voice dictation.
    My PC has to have good quality headphone/mic combo, but the IPad and iPhone can handle it without.
    Fellow Damaged Body Parts People Unite!

  4. Thanks for the sympathy and comments, all. I remember seeing a very old movie in which Fred Astaire danced down some stairs, never missing a beat or a step.

    That’s an ability I need to develop.

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