Terry Maggert Loves to Put ‘Easter Eggs’ with Iowa References in His Many Novels

From The Cedar Rapids Gazette:

Author Terry Maggert is reaching his stride in the self-publishing world. By early 2020 Maggert, who will be doing a reading Friday at M & M Books in Cedar Rapids, will be well on his way to having more than 40 novels published under his own name and his pseudonym, Daniel Pierce. With strong roots in the science fiction and fantasy realms, Maggert has touched on many of the subgenres under that big umbrella and is always looking for more opportunities to put out quality books for readers to enjoy.

Maggert lives in Tennessee with his wife, son, and a number of rescue animals, including about 19 cats and an opossum. Maggert’s roots can be traced back to northeast Iowa. His father’s family lived in Pony Hollow, which was near Elkader.

Maggert fondly refers to Iowa his ancestral home and visits the state on a regular basis.

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Iowa makes many appearances in Maggert’s novels.

“I love Easter eggs,” Maggert explained. Easter eggs are hidden messages in media and named as such because they are hidden, like eggs on Easter, for the reader or viewer to discover. “I love inserting Easter eggs from my own personal history. There is always something about Iowa in every book that I write. I wrote a dragon book called ‘Banshee’ (2015). It’s post-apocalyptic novel, and there’s a dragon in it called el-Kader and the guy who rides him is my dad.”

The city of Elkader, the hometown of Maggert’s father, is named after Abd el-Kader, an Algerian hero who led the resistance to French colonialism in the mid-1800s.

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“When my friends read ‘Banshee,’ they say, ‘That’s your dad!’ They know immediately, and they can hear him speaking.” It’s details like this that bring joy to Terry’s writing life. “That’s one of the reasons I love being a writer because I get to relive my own life in these little details. I feel in some ways it is helping me to maintain my own memories.”

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