The Death of a Firefighter

Nothing to do with books, but as PG was driving about this morning, he came upon two fire trucks with their ladders fully extended so as to create something like an arch across the street. There was no smoke or fire in view.

PG snapped a photo with his phone.

He was curious about what was going on, so he pulled over to the curb, got out of his car and walked over to an older firefighter who was standing nearby.

The man explained that a retired firefighter had recently died and his funeral would be held today.

The route from the location of the funeral to the cemetery where the deceased firefighter would be buried went up this street.

The hearse and all those traveling to the gravesite would pass under the two extended ladders that honored the decedent and his long service to the community.

1 thought on “The Death of a Firefighter”

  1. One of those nice traditions.

    During my (second) round of college, I had a fellow on my team once that was a fire fighter in one of the rural fire departments scattered around here. Told us a story of when they had a member that was killed in an auto accident. They had no ladder trucks of their own – a residential suburb that didn’t ever need them. The city department sent two of theirs up to perform the honors.

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