7 thoughts on “The only zen”

    • Well, you need to bring your kind of Zen with you up to the top of the mountain, Felix, so Alan wasn’t wrong.

      • That’s the only kind of zen I’ve got, mountain or not. 🙂
        (It’s gotten pricey since they stopped making Zens.)

    • Felix, mine had 32 GB plus another 32 GB on the SD card. A lovely little device for its time – the only real problem was that it couldn’t remember my place in a book, if the book was on the card (plus 64 GB seemed a lot at first but a few year’s of ripping CDs proved it inadequate).

      • I only did music so I went 8+32GB.
        Holds all my CDs and converted LPs easy since I used WMA way back when.
        Main virtue remains tbe battery life.
        Still, $500?
        Nope. You can get an older unlocked Android phone for $30-70 and some hold 128GB cards. Much better playback software up to and including KODI.
        Depending on what you listen it can be very zen-like. 😉

        • Yes, $500 – no way!

          My current mobile music device (basically for sitting out in the garden) is a repurposed Kindle Fire HDX 7 64 GB (cheap from a sale at the start of 2015). Too slow/outdated for anything else but fine when I keep the Wi-Fi turned off. I could use my phone but then I’d notice phone calls and messages coming in which I’d prefer to ignore. I do actually have my previous android phone – no SIM cards of course – so maybe I should follow your suggestion and use this.

          • One advantage of trailing edge phones as PDA/media players is the Bluetooth support in a pockerable form factor.
            Wireless earbuds are getting both good and affordable.

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