Thanks to all who expressed their concern about Tumble 2.

The skin covering PG’S left shoulder – front, back and top – is a lurid combination of deep blue and purple. This the largest bruise PG has ever had, including high school football and t-boning the side of a car while riding a motorcicle in college at a speed of about 45 mph. (PG’S right shoulder made a very large dent in the car’s door.)

Mrs. PG is examining PG’s shoulder on a regular basis and may take him to the doctor is she sees or senses any turn for the worse or an outbreak of a different color on his shoulder.

PG was planning to blog today, but decided to give his shoulder another day to return to its normal happy-chipper-monkey, ship-is-never-sunky self.

4 thoughts on “Update”

  1. Whenever I get bruised or damaged, I eat meat, lots of meat. Not a little bit, but preferably a pound of meat in a day, repeat as needed

    – Hamburger, steak, lamb, ham, sausage, hot dogs, chicken, turkey, fish, i.e., the flesh of living creatures. Eggs, as well with any of the above.

    Not “Protein” ala, some god awful protein shake, but meat. Vegetable proteins are not recognized by my body as protein. I used to love having the soybean stuff that you would use with hamburger to “extend” the meat, but it had no value to my body.

    • Thank you. that would explain my sudden meat cravings.
      PG, healing that large a bruised area is painful. Don’t be timid about pain killers, especially at night. Your sleep is vital to healing.

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