Smith lands Instagrammer’s guide to planning for Ebury

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From The Bookseller:

Ebury Press editorial director Emma Smith has acquired Happy Planning, a “practical guide for those who like to prep” from Charlotte Plain, a.k.a. Instagrammer Princess Planning.

Smith bought world all language rights to the title directly from the author.

Plain is the person behind Instagram account and website Princess Planning, where she sells diaries, planners and stationery which aim to help organise and inspire positivity. Happy Planning will give readers the tools they need to plan every aspect of their life, from the weekly shop and daily meal prep to big occasions like weddings, parties and holidays.

The publisher explains: “Planning is about taking away last-minute panic pressure, gaining control and helping you to be the best version of yourself. Charlotte’s everyday approach has been so successful that she launched a business off the back of it, and is now sharing all of her practical and positive know-how in this book. As well as her planning mantras and toolkit, each section of the book is dedicated to an area of life that benefits from planning and is packed with personal learning experiences, planning methods, tips and tricks, practical guidance and interactive elements. It’s simple, positive and practical planning that will lead to a healthier happier you.”

Smith added: “We all need a good dose of practical positive planning in our lives (now, more than ever), so we are incredibly excited to be publishing an Instagram star”

Link to the rest at The Bookseller

PG couldn’t resist visiting Princess Planning Ltd. on Instagram (192K followers). He found several Instagram star gems:

Weight loss is never just about losing the weight.

You have to lose the habits that got you there in the first place and replace them with better ones

Princess.Planning Ltd.

if 2020 was a chocolate it would be a turkish delight

Princess.Planning Ltd.

What would we do without traditional publishers to act as curators of culture?

2 thoughts on “Smith lands Instagrammer’s guide to planning for Ebury”

  1. Heh.
    The first line phrase “practical guide for those who like to prep” looks to have a different meaning on the other side of the pond.
    Weight loss regimes weren’t quite what that phrase conjured for me.

    More like bottled water, canned food, TP, and lots and lots of ammo.
    (I may have played a wee bit too much FALLOUT.) 😀

  2. Smith bought world all language rights to the title directly from the author.

    I visited the site and browsed around. These are all effectively blank books. They’re nicely designed with cute graphics (except the male weight loss section where the graphics are more suitably manly,) but they are still blank books. How is this person an author? How are these even books?

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