AI Isn’t Really Artificial Intelligence

From Tech Register: At its core, today’s AI is incapable of comprehension, knowledge, thought, or “intelligence.” This name is little more than a marketing gimmick. Nothing’s easier to sell than a product with a good name. The technology that we call “artificial intelligence” is extremely complicated, but thanks to its name, you already have an … Read more

Copyright in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Following is a transcript of a meeting sponsored by the United States Copyright Office on February 5, 2020, that includes remarks from a variety of speakers regarding Artificial Intelligence and Copyright. As PG is posting this, the meeting happened slightly less than three years ago and an explosion of artificial intelligence research, programs, apps, etc., … Read more

The Amazing Ways Google And Grammarly Use Artificial Intelligence To Improve Your Writing

From Forbes (in 2018): While online editing tools such as Grammarly and grammar suggestions from Google Docs aren’t foolproof, the artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that power them are successfully improving the way many of us write. In the process, it saved millions of embarrassing errors caused by carelessness (there vs. they’re) and, of … Read more

Artificial intelligence will reach human levels

Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, and we will have multiplied the intelligence – the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization – a billion-fold. Ray Kurzweil The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race….It would take off on … Read more

Artificial intelligence will reach human levels

Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, we will have multiplied the intelligence, the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization a billion-fold. Ray Kurzweil

How Artificial Intelligence Helped Make an Experimental Pop Album

From Smithsonian Magazine: When you listen to experimental pop band YACHT’s discography, the 2019 ​​album Chain Tripping fits right in. Pulsing with glitchy synth sounds, infectious bass riffs and the sweet voice of lead singer Claire L. Evans, Chain Tripping is a successful, Grammy-nominated album that sounds like YACHT, through and through. It’s such a … Read more

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, and we will have multiplied the intelligence – the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization – a billion-fold. Ray Kurzweil, American inventor and futurist

Artificial intelligence reduces a 100,000-equation quantum physics problem to only four equations

From Using artificial intelligence, physicists have compressed a daunting quantum problem that until now required 100,000 equations into a bite-size task of as few as four equations—all without sacrificing accuracy. The work, published in the September 23 issue of Physical Review Letters, could revolutionize how scientists investigate systems containing many interacting electrons. Moreover, if scalable … Read more

With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon

With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon. You know all those stories where there’s the guy with the pentagram and the holy water, and he’s like, yeah, he’s sure he can control the demon? Doesn’t work out. Elon Musk

Artificial intelligence is breaking patent law

From Nature: In 2020, a machine-learning algorithm helped researchers to develop a potent antibiotic that works against many pathogens. Artificial intelligence (AI) is also being used to aid vaccine development, drug design, materials discovery, space technology and ship design. Within a few years, numerous inventions could involve AI. This is creating one of the biggest … Read more

Artificial Intelligence – Images

Here’s another example of artificial intelligence creating original images: This was created by using the following prompt to the AI: Gothic Victorian London with harmonic colors created by subtle brush strokes. This was created using, which provides online creation of images via artificial intelligence. The site offers some rudimentary images at no charge, but … Read more

Artificial Intelligence – Text to Speech

Amazon has a website as part of its Amazon Web Services site that demonstrates various applications of artificial intelligence: One of those sites is for the demonstration of Amazon Polly, a text-to-speech program. PG understands that Polly has multi-lingual capabilities, but it appears PG is not located in a region that has access to more … Read more

Artificial Intelligence Writing Assistants

From Becomeawritertoday: A writing assistant is a software program that uses artificial intelligence technology to help writers with the creative process. This can include everything from offering a grammar checker to assisting with the nuances of the language to make the writing more engaging. English writers have a lot of options available for them if … Read more

How Collaborating With Artificial Intelligence Could Help Writers of the Future

From The Literary Hub: Art has long been claimed as a final frontier for automation—a field seen as so ineluctably human that AI may never master it. But as robots paint self-portraits, machines overtake industries, and natural language processors write New York Times columns, this long-held belief could be on the way out. Computational literature … Read more

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the Human Race

From BookBrowse: Science fiction tends to reflect deeper moral issues and fears confronting a society at the time it is written. Storytelling is a safe method to express anxieties about the state of the world. It allows authors and readers an opportunity to explore the murkiness of uncertainty in a non-threatening manner. Reading and discussing … Read more

6 Predictions for the Future of Artificial Intelligence in 2020

Since the online profile of the publishing business tends to sink around the holidays, PG tends to go a bit farther afield for TPV during this time. That said, Artificial Intelligence is, at least for PG, a fascinating topic. From Adweek: The business world’s enthusiasm for artificial intelligence has been building towards a fever pitch … Read more

Is Artificial Intelligence the Ultimate University Stimulus?

From readwrite: What does it take to make the university the best learning experience in the lifecycle of one’s education? Higher education is all about developing skills, exploring new theories, and applying them to the actualities of real life. Throughout this journey, students are encouraged to stay on top of their workload, study, and complete … Read more

Copyright and Artificial Intelligence

From Plagiarism Today: Depending on who you talk to, true artificial intelligence can be right around the corner or an impossible pipe dream that humanity will never reach. However, there is one unavoidable truth. Computers are increasingly doing more and more of the heavy lifting when it comes to creating new content. Just in the … Read more

Artificial Intelligence is Your Mentor

Nothing to do with books, unless you’re looking for ideas for dystopian fiction. From The Wall Street Journal (with a 15 second commercial at the beginning, sorry): .

Generating Music With Artificial Intelligence

Since PG’s earlier post on using artificial intelligence to write fiction generated some interesting comments. From Medium: I started playing piano when I was five years old. I used to practice for about an hour every day and let me tell you, an hour felt like forever. I didn’t stop thought, and I kept on … Read more

Artificial Intelligence in Publishing

From Personanondata: Those of us who may be short on time and haven’t been able to get to that autobiography we’ve been meaning to write need worry no longer:  Artillect Publishing will do the work for you by scanning your online presence, merging some ancillary information and producing your sure-to-be best-selling biography.  Using artificial intelligence in its production process, … Read more

Artificial Intelligence and copyright: a happy (or even possible) relationship?

From The 1709 Blog: [I]n the realm of IP one of the questions that have been asked with increasing frequency is whether and to what extent AI has the potential to replace humans, including in the creative fields. As AI machines become increasingly autonomous, can they be regarded as ‘authors’ in a copyright sense and, if … Read more

Bezos Says Artificial Intelligence to Fuel Amazon’s Success

From Bloomberg: Inc. is embracing artificial intelligence to deliver goods more quickly, enhance its voice-activated Alexa assistant and create new tools sold to others through its cloud-computing division, Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos said in his annual shareholder letter. Changes ushered in by artificial intelligence and machine learning will help the companies that embrace … Read more

Artificial Intelligence Looms Larger in the Corporate World

From The Wall Street Journal: Artificial intelligence, long a subject of fanciful forecasts, is starting to enter the corporate world in a much bigger way, as costs decline and the need increases to identify patterns within ever-growing troves of business data. Once a mainstay of startups and big-tech firms such as International Business Machines Corp. … Read more

Meet the artificially intelligent chatbot trying to curtail loneliness in America

From The Hill: The concept of an artificially intelligent companion has been around fordecades longer than the AI technology has existed in a readily accessibleform. From droids like C3PO and R2D2 of the Star Wars universe, to JoaquinPhoenix’s virtual assistant, Samantha, from Her, there is no shortage of popculture examples of the fabled robot helpers. … Read more

The Real Threat From A.I. Isn’t Superintelligence. It’s Gullibility.

From Slate: The rapid rise of artificial intelligence over the past few decades, from pipe dream to reality, has been staggering. A.I. programs have long been chess and Jeopardy! Champions, but they have also conquered poker, crossword puzzles, Go, and even protein folding. They power the social media, video, and search sites we all use daily, and very recently they have leaped … Read more

Artificial neural networks are making strides towards consciousness

From The Economist In 2013 I joined Google Research to work on artificial intelligence (ai). Following decades of slow progress, neural networks were developing at speed. In the years since, my team has used them to help develop features on Pixel phones for specific “narrow ai” functions, such as face unlocking, image recognition, speech recognition and language … Read more

The Art of Intelligence

From Public Books: “The artist no longer creates work,” proclaims cybernetic artist Nicolas Schöffer, “he creates creation.” Schöffer’s remark is often quoted to describe art installations made with AI. It appeals because it flatters a classical hubris. Our species esteems itself as approaching the divine, godlike in our crafting of artifacts that then act like … Read more

Most of the intelligence

Most of the intelligence out there must be artificial intelligence. We keep looking for critters like us living on a planet like ours, where in fact the majority of the intelligence out there is not biological. That would be my argument. Seth Shostak

ChatGPT Is Making Universities Rethink Plagiarism

From Wired: IN LATE DECEMBER of his sophomore year, Rutgers University student Kai Cobbs came to a conclusion he never thought possible: Artificial intelligence might just be dumber than humans. After listening to his peers rave about the generative AI tool ChatGPT, Cobbs decided to toy around with the chatbot while writing an essay on … Read more

AI Generated Art for a Comic Book. Human Artists Are Having a Fit.

From The Wall Street Journal: Kris Kashtanova says doing the art for the graphic novel “Zarya of the Dawn” was like conjuring it up with a spell. “New York Skyline forest punk,” the author typed into an artificial intelligence program that turns written prompts into pictures. Then came the tinkering with the wording to get the … Read more

Me, Myself, and (A)I: Copyright Office to Focus on AI Authorship

From Lexology: According to a recent interview in December 2022, the U.S. Copyright Office (the “Office”) signaled that it would focus in 2023 on “legal grey areas” surrounding copyrightability of works generated in conjunction with artificial intelligence (“AI”) tools. While the agency is standing by its conclusion that copyright cannot be registered for a work created exclusively … Read more

Dark Horse AI Gets Passing Grade in Law Exam

From Futurism: An artificial intelligence dubbed Claude, developed by AI research firm Anthropic, got a “marginal pass” on a recent blindly graded law and economics exam at George Mason University, according to a recent blog post by economics professor Alex Tabarrok. It’s yet another warning shot that AI is experiencing a moment of explosive growth … Read more

An A.I. Translation Tool Can Help Save Dying Languages. But at What Cost?

From Slate: Sanjib Chaudhary chanced upon StoryWeaver, a multilingual children’s storytelling platform, while searching for books he could read to his 7-year-old daughter. Chaudhary’s mother tongue is Kochila Tharu, a language with about 250,000 speakers in eastern Nepal. (Nepali, Nepal’s official language, has 16 million speakers.) Languages with a relatively small number of speakers, like … Read more

OpenAI Used Kenyan Workers on Less Than $2 Per Hour to Make ChatGPT Less Toxic

From Time Magazine: ChatGPT was hailed as one of 2022’s most impressive technological innovations upon its release last November. The powerful artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot can generate text on almost any topic or theme, from a Shakespearean sonnet reimagined in the style of Megan Thee Stallion, to complex mathematical theorems described in language a 5 … Read more

25 Best AI Writing Software For 2023 (Best Picks)

From Demand Sate: Are you looking for the best AI Writing Software available on the internet? Well, you’re at the right place to get the answer to this question. Creating unique content has become more complex than ever in this digital era. The competition is increasing day by day, and it has become really tidy … Read more

Every book deserves to be heard.

From Apple Books for Authors: Empowering indie authors and small publishers More and more book lovers are listening to audiobooks, yet only a fraction of books are converted to audio — leaving millions of titles unheard. Many authors — especially independent authors and those associated with small publishers — aren’t able to create audiobooks due … Read more

Do Androids Tell Electric Stories?

From Slate: When Apple quietly launched a catalog of A.I.-narrated audiobooks early in January, it was surprising news, and it wasn’t. Robot narrators are not new: Alexa provides text-to-speech for Kindle content and Google offers a suite of artificial voices of various genders and accents for those wishing to publish “auto-narrated” audiobooks. The difference is … Read more

OpenAI Background

From Wikipedia: OpenAI is an artificial intelligence (AI) research laboratory consisting of the for-profit corporation OpenAI LP and its parent company, the non-profit OpenAI Inc. The company conducts research in the field of AI with the stated goal of promoting and developing friendly AI in a way that benefits humanity as a whole. The organization was founded in San Francisco in late 2015 by Sam Altman, Elon … Read more

Dreamstime is now accepting AI generated content under specific terms

From Dreamstime: Legal uncertainty is still surrounding the work obtained from AI text-to-image generators. AI software is trained on billions of images and afferent descriptions already on the web. Most popular image-generating softwares using artificial intelligence include Dall-E2, MIdjourney, GPT-3, Stable Diffusion by Nividia, Photoshop, Google tools, etc. Such software allows infinite creative combinations of … Read more

DeepL, the AI-based language translator, raises over $100M at a $1B+ valuation

From TechCrunch: Artificial intelligence startups, and (thanks to GPT and OpenAI) specifically those helping humans communicate with each other, are commanding a lot of interest from investors, and today the latest of these is announcing a big round of funding. DeepL, a startup that provides instant translation-as-a-service both to businesses and to individuals — competing … Read more