Indie Authors Quitting Their Day Jobs – 2017 Edition

TPV visitor Devyn suggested it was time for another invitation for authors who have been able to earn enough money from writing to quit their day jobs to share their stories. PG’s first invitation on this topic was in 2014. Devyn pointed out that the last invitation was in April of 2016. Here’s the original … Read more

Canceling My Book Deal Was the Best Career Move I’ve Ever Made

From Electric Lit: I started querying agents for my memoir, Negative Space, in 2012, after two years of writing and revising. I got a few rounds of passes, including several friendly rejections in which agents said they just didn’t “know how to sell” my book. I heard this refrain enough times that I started considering the … Read more


From Rachel Gardner, Literary Agent: Whenever I (or other bloggers) write about marketplace realities in publishing, there are always a wide variety of responses, ranging from pragmatic acceptance to mournful disappointment to angry lament. My observation – and I could be wrong – is that the sad and mad responses are from writers whose passion … Read more